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Build sustainable careers with the Career Fitness Profiler

Our Career Fitness Profiler provides insights to address the right topics to enable valuable and transparent career conversations.

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People want qualitative career conversations


of departures can be prevented by qualitative conversations about topics like career, well-being, relationship between the manager and the employee.


of employees do not feel involved in the talent cycle and up to 80 % never receive any tangible career feedback.


of managers stat that they find it difficult to support their employees in the career, due to lack of objective information.

How it works

Enrich contemporary careers with Career Intelligence

Defining the goals for your conversations

Qualitative dialogues are at the heart of the relationship between organisation and employee. Whether you are looking to optimise the internal mobility, focus on specific target groups within the employee population or off-board with care. A constructive career conversation based on the objective information of the Career Fitness Profiler will ensure a qualitative career dialogue.

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Prepare your conversations with our Career Intelligence

The best career conversations are based on a thorough preparation. Armed with talent information you can rely on, you know exactly what topics to address, what connections to make and what hypotheses to evaluate.

Career Values

What drives a person in the career? What are the potential pittfals? Is the career compass adjusted correctly?

Career Values help people to set personal career goals and make the right choices.

Career Attitudes

What skills does a person have to manage their career? What does the person need in order to take ownership of the career and steer it in the right direction?

Career attitudes make people fit for today's dynamic labor market.

Energy Stress Balance

What are a person's current levels of self-efficacy, resilience, hope and optimism? Is there enough energy to develop the desired career?
The Energy Stress Balance helps people to identify energy leaks and shows them how to remedy them.

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High time for qualitative career conversations

A qualitative career conversation is more then probing for what would make a person happy in the career. It cuts through bias, social desirability and foggy career outlooks. It's all about showing people what's theirs to solve in the career and what to negotiate for with their employer.

Change the conversation dynamic : stop repeating the same old questions and offer people an evidence-based mirror instead.

Enable people to see what it takes to adapt to the current career reality and to proactively manage their career.

No need to stay stuck in the "What I really dream about phase". Identify concrete development actions and get cracking!

Change your talent culture with Career Discovery

Based on the science behind the Career Fitness Profiler, our Career Discovery is an interactive workshop, developed in close cooperation with leading organisations, that truly changes your talent culture towards more self-management and an open career dialogue.


Benefits of the Career Fitness Profiler

Enhanced career dialogue

What are the relevant career topics? Address them, work towards mutual understanding and determine development actions.

Fit for purpose

The Career Fitness Profiler is created especially for career conversations. Don't use a hammer when a screwdriver is the better tool for the job.

Focus on growth

Assist people in identifying development opportunties and make positive choices for the future.

Evidence based

The combination of the three recent and most relevant scientific models for contemporary careers, guarantees the best career intelligence you could wish for.

How it works

Our happy clients

Civil servants work for a better society. That's why we support our colleagues in the federal government in taking charge of their careers and support internal mobility.
The evidence-based feedback we give them based on the TalentLogiQs solutions helps them to achieve that goal.

Brecht Beke
Career Consultant

At Konings we like to keep our people close. We strive to know and understand them so we can move forward together. The TalentLogiQs solutions help us in this effort.

Lieselot Cops
Learning & development manager

To Ormit Talent, the Career Fitness Profiler is a trusted instrument since 2014. We feel that the career intelligence provided by TalentLogiQs is indispensable for in-depth career conversations with our young talents.

Yannick Van Ro
Talent development specialist

In preparing our students for their transition into the labour market, we’ve created an intensive program toreflect upon their future careers and what is needed to sustainably build this. The career analytics provided by TalentLogiQs are essential input for ourcareer sessions. We find that the feedback in the individual reports provides our students not only with interesting insights but also pushes them towards concrete development actions.

Lars Veerhoff

At ProjectiveGroup, we aim to be an employer of choice for Financial Services consultants. That’s why we put personal & career development of our peopleare the very top of our agenda. The Talent Review Profiler supports us in this strategic effort. Based on the analytics provided by TalentLogiQs, we know exactly what topics to address in our development conversations.

Koen Ermgodts
People Lead

The Talent Review Profiler provides not only with an evidence-based and speedy X-Ray of the talent pool, it has also provides the business with forecasting in terms of leadership, innovative and operational potential. We identify key risks like the risk of leaving and disengagement, and we give managers insight in the development opportunities and aspirations of every individual talent. This enables us to make talent decisions that both drive the business and engage talent.

Nadine Aerts

For CM, the success of Talent Review depends both on the process and data you can trust. Crucial for CM is the conversation between manager and employee. The Talent Review Profiler fuels that conversation with the right topics in an evidence-based way.

Kris Hapers
Head of HR Team Talent

To ensure the growth of Multipharma we like to engage in meaningful conversations with our people. The talent Review Profiler helps us to dig deep into the essential career issues, possible risks and the potential of our talents. It helps us to engage in qualitative career dialogues, identify development opportunities and search for the win win.

Vanessa Gillijns
Talent Development Manager

At Corilus, an innovative and leading software development company for outpatient healthcare, we have embraced the Talent Review Profiler in our Talent Review Process. Analytics enable us to base decisions on performance and talent risk metrics.

Dirk Van Lerberghe
Other CLients we proudly present
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Sustainable careers start here!

Qualitative career conversations are just one conversation with TalentLogiQs away.

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