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Map the individuals' ability to process three types of information.

Applied Intelligence

The Cognitive Ability tests, developed by our partner Thalento, provide valuable knowledge that can help employers to make better informed decisions about hiring, performance evaluation, succession planning, career development, and risk management.

3 types of cognitive abilities

Abstract reasoning
The ability to understand and analyse complex ideas that are not directly related to concrete objects or experiences. This includes the ability to recognise patterns and relationships, identify rules and principles, and solve problems using logical reasoning.

Numeric reasoning
The ability to work with numbers and mathematical concepts. This includes the ability to perform calculations, analyse numerical data, and solve problems that require mathematical reasoning.

Verbal reasoning
The ability to understand and analyse written or spoken language. This includes the ability to understand the meaning of words and sentences, recognise relationshipsbetween ideas, and draw inferences based on informaton presented.


Cognitive Ability testing can be applied in a professional environment to evaluate a person's cognitive abilities to improve effective decisions in:

Hiring projects, both internal and external

Assessment - & Development centers

Career development programmes

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