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Identify a person's role & areas of strength within an innovative team, in order to excel and contribute the most.

Creativity at work

The Innovation Profiler, developed by our partner, provides valuable information and insights that allows organisations to identify and develop innovative talent, promote a culture of innovation and improve innovation outcomes.

4 dimensions

The generation of novel and valuable ideas, products, or solutions that disrupt existing norms and create positive change.

Brainstorming and conceptualising ideas, exploring different possibilities, and refining them into viable concepts.

Advocating for and promoting innovative ideas or projects, garnering support, and overcoming obstacles to drive their successful adoption.

Execution and realisation of innovative ideas through strategic planning, resource allocation, and active implementation to achieve desired outcomes and deliver tangible results.


The Innovation Profiler will be of use in te following situations:

Assessment Centers and Development Centers with a focus on innovation.

Putting together an innovation team.

Recruitment of innovative talent.

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